Frequently Asked Questions

What is New for Old Cover ?

New for Old cover means that in the event that your caravan is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economical repair, we will replace your caravan with the most recent model (or equivalent).

You must insure your caravan for the value of a new equivalent model and not its current value.

New for Old cover is available for static caravans up to 15 years and touring caravans 10 years from the date of first registration


Are My Gas Bottles and Aqua Roll Covered ?


Yes, these are covered within your contents sum insured. Just make sure the amount you insure for is sufficient to include these items.


What is The Level Of Liability Cover ?

The standard limit is £1 Million but you can choose to increase the limit to £2 Million, Statics can be increased to £5 million.


Am I Covered To Tow My Caravan ?

Yes, any damage to your Caravan is covered whilst the caravan is being towed by you or your family. You are not covered for liability arising from the Caravan while attached to your vehicle but this will be covered by your motor insurers. Family is ‘your spouse/partner/civil partner, and any other member of your family permanently residing with you’.


What Is The Standard Excess ?

The policy excess is £100. You can choose to increase the £100 excess in return for a discount on your premium.


What Security Do I Need ?

Your caravan must be fitted with a hitch lock and either a wheel or axle lock. There is no specific requirement as to which make/brand.


Where Do I Find My CRIS Number ?

You will normally find this etched on the windows of your caravan, around the doorframe or on the registration documents.



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ATTENTION: Due to the storage postcode your insurance will NOT provide flood damage cover.